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Our Modern Heritage: The NEW Home & Family Culture Podcast

I started this show to explore what it takes to have an intentional family culture! So far, I have learned that it takes getting clear on your collective and united vision, values, and traditions that create your family identity, and legacy.

Listen in as I discuss this topic with authors, experts, and other creators who care about the well-being of our families, and the impact our family culture has on the success of our families and the future.

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Episode 085: Shared Experiences Strengthen Our Culture

I have a neighbor who goes out of her way to make sure everyone in our neighborhood feels included. Their family hosts cookouts and parties all the time. They had a party for Easter and Memorial Day. For Halloween they have a table out front for snacks and make sure everyone has glow sticks. When…

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Episode 084: Cultivating an Abundance Mindset with Nephi Zufelt

Nephi is first and foremost a husband and father. However, in the private sector, Nephi has contributed 15 years working in the medical device industry (first as an engineer and then later as an executive and CEO), launching over 100 products that have generated hundreds of millions of dollars, co-authoring 5 international patents, and leading…

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Episode 083: Thriving With True Boundaries with Cara Rector

Cara Rector is the mother of five wonderful daughters. She has been guiding the homeschool efforts of her family since 2010, and she herself is the product of homeschooling off and on from her elementary through high school years. She has a great love for music and vocal performance. She has an associate degree in…

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Episode 082: Transform Your Boundaries with Sarri Gilman

Sarri Gilman, LMFT is a psychotherapist, author, and workshop presenter. She is the author of Transform your Boundaries® (2014) and Naming and Taming Overwhelm for Healthcare and Human Service Providers (2017). She has a private therapy/counseling practice on Whidbey Island and devotes the rest of her time traveling and teaching on the subject of boundaries and…

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Episode 081: The Power of Trust with Hank Smith

Develop relationships of trust. Hank Smith PhD taught me about the importance of trust relationships based on these four principles: – Compassion: You are kind and benevolent, you value the other person, and you give them your time and attention. – Openness: You are willing to be mutually vulnerable with each other. You have confidence…

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Episode 080: Six Components of a Successful Family Culture

When I started this journey almost three years ago, I’d been studying parenting and self-help books, as well as business books. I had been wondering what it takes to have a successful family. See, for several years, it had felt like Michael and I were floundering! We had a solid relationship, but we were miserable…

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About me and my podcast

Hey, I'm Jodi, a homeschool mom to four young kids! I started this show to explore what makes a family thrive and found that our family culture is the foundation of a successful family.

All families have a family culture, whether by default or by design. This show is about how to work on designing a family culture that honors your current family, your progenitors, and your posterity.

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