Episode 084: Cultivating an Abundance Mindset with Nephi Zufelt

Nephi is first and foremost a husband and father. However, in the private sector, Nephi has contributed 15 years working in the medical device industry (first as an engineer and then later as an executive and CEO), launching over 100 products that have generated hundreds of millions of dollars, co-authoring 5 international patents, and leading and mentoring individuals and large teams alike. Nephi has travelled all over the world leading teams, negotiating contracts and deals, and working with government regulatory agencies and manufacturing facilities. As fun as this has been, his true passion lies in the area of wealth education. His ability to relate to kids and explain difficult concepts in ways they will understand makes him a powerful teacher. Nephi loves teaching wealth principles to kids, and a main joy and pride for him comes from helping kids succeed. He’s not a stuffy businessman, but is relatable, on a first-name basis with everyone. He regularly teaches adults and youth in small and large gatherings about money, wealth, entrepreneurship, life balance, and personal relationships. Nephi finds that he feels most fulfilled when living his purpose in helping others change their mentality about wealth.

True wealth is more than just money. It really has more to do with health, relationships, personal well-being, and time.

Addiction is one of the biggest killers of wealth. Luckily, being entrepreneurial and creating new things is an addiction prevention program.

The future of jobs and education is unknown and very likely will be completely different even 10 years from now. We need to teach our families principles which will always be true, even when everything is different in the economy.

The key to success, now and in the future, is finding ways to create massive value for others. It is about being focused on helping other people.

Cultivating an abundance mindset and teaching our children about wealth is easier than you may think! It’s all in how we approach the topic of money!

Most of us learn how to manage our money by stuffing it in a piggy bank when we are kids. Without realizing it, we were learning how to develop scarcity around money because we believe that if we spend it then we lose it.

The wealthy think differently about money. It is a tool for purchasing assets to get more money.

When we teach our children about their future, we want them to focus on solving problems, creating value, and fulfilling a purpose that will also provide them with a livelihood.

I had a great conversation with Nephi about all of this! We can create a culture of abundance and wealth by teaching our children how to create value.

Where to Connect with Nephi

Website:Β https://wealthmentalityfamilies.com/

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The Big Startup Guidebook for Kids: A Principle-Based Approach to Entrepreneurship

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