Episode 080: Six Components of a Successful Family Culture

When I started this journey almost three years ago, I'd been studying parenting and self-help books, as well as business books. I had been wondering what it takes to have a successful family.

See, for several years, it had felt like Michael and I were floundering! We had a solid relationship, but we were miserable around everything else in life. We were stressed out, mostly. Michael was underemployed, we were living in one of the most expensive areas of the nation. We were digging ourselves into a grave of debt.

We were missing some of the crucial components of a successful family culture.

First, the vehicle. Family culture is about your family's identity. We're a minivan family, right! Like, figuring out who your family is, is just the first step in shaping your family culture. We're Michael and Jodi, and we have four kids. We live simple, private lives. The vehicle gets your started on your journey, but where do you want to go in that vehicle?

Next, you need a destination!Β When we first got started, of course we had a destination -- eternity! But really, what does that mean? What do we really want to accomplish and become as we travel toward that destination? That's where a mission statement comes in. Your family mission statement is your destination!

Third, a GPS. What does that mean? When you get started out toward your destination, you probably have a general idea how to get there. But soon, you find yourself on unfamiliar roads. What do you do? You bust out your GPS and see where you are in the world. That global positioning allows you to get a big picture so you can envision the next steps in your journey. Your GPS is your family vision. Where do you picture your family in ten years, twenty, thirty, forty years? That's your vision. It's where your legacy develops.

Fourth, every navigator needs a compass. A compass keeps you oriented to north and south. In a family, we need to know how to stay oriented to our True North -- the core values that inform your decisions along the journey! Your core values are those things like integrity, unity, faith, or work ethic. These core values inform your other values and decisions!

Fifth, maintenance for your vehicle. How do you keep up with your identity and values? A car needs refueling, oil changes, tire rotations, and all kinds of other stuff that keeps your vehicle running smoothly. A family culture needs maintenance, too! The fuel for a family is fun and uplifting activities. Your maintenance happens during family meetings, vacations, family history research, and checking in on our vision and mission. Every family needs regular check ups to make sure everything is going well!

Finally, you need a roadmap! Doesn't that seem a little old-fashioned? Nope. When everything else seems to break down, it's time to bust out the analog tools. A roadmap is what you need when things don't seem to be going according to plan. You need to have a strategy for detours and roadblocks. It's also your strategy for slowdowns and traffic. How are you going to navigate these things that seem to sidetrack your journey?

The roadmap is a powerful tool but it takes practice to learn how to use it. I have created a course with powerful strategies for helping your family navigate the roadblocks every family faces on this journey of developing our family culture. I almost have it finished and will be launching this course very soon!

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About the author, Jodi

I live in Richmond, Virginia with my husband, Michael, and our four young kids. We homeschool, and work remotely, so I guess we may take this on the road some day! I have a bachelor's degree from George Mason University in Health Promotion Studies, but I attended five different universities before finally finishing while I was expecting my third baby! I'm a returned missionary from the Hawaii Honolulu Mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I'm sort of a jack-of-all-trades-master-of-none, but I do enjoy reading personal development and parenting books, finding new ways to enjoy exercising, and learning more about being an entrepreneur.

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