Hi, my name is Jodi, and I'm the host of Our Modern Heritage

There is so much parenting advice out there and everyone claims to have the right answers.

This show is about how to figure out what works best for you and your family. In fact, being intentional about your family culture may mean breaking from norms and create your own unique values and identity!

Come explore with me what will make your unique family thrive!

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My background

I'm an LDS homeschool mom to four young kids. I have a degree in health promotion with an emphasis on nutrition. I love to read, and talk about topics I think are important!

My husband, Michael, and I grew up in Michigan, and now reside in the Richmond, Virginia area. We are on a journey to becoming more free from the conveyor belt of cultural expectations.

My mission

To strengthen and unify families! I am determined to uncover what it takes to take our families from reactive to proactive, from default to designed, and from surviving to thriving!

Weekly topics cover areas of family culture that may need intentional focus to help us become clear on our purpose and values.

"Jodi reads a lot of incredible books, breaks down that knowledge, and uses it to empower you to create better relationships and a better culture within YOUR family."

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What to expect from
Our Modern Heritage

My goal is to bring you valuable content every week!

  • Publishes every Tuesday
  • Segments usually include
    • Unique discussion topics
    • Expert interviews
    • Book recommendations
  • Available where ever you find podcasts 

"Every episode has provided insight and possibilities for creating meaningful experiences in my home."

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